The origins of Vodka are shrouded in mystery. Many nations and many more individuals claim to be the birthplace of the popular spirit. The two leading candidates as the mother country of vodka are Poland and Russia

80 proof liquor is drunk with meals. In Russia the word voda, believed to be the word that vodka originated from, means water.

birth date of Vodka has been estimated around the beginning of the twelfth century.

Made for medical purposes, this crude anesthetic and disinfectant was distilled from rye

beginning of the seventeenth century it had become customary for vodka to be served at Russian Imperial banquets

. vodka began as rye-based liquor, as it became more popular to the masses, the potato became the ingredient of choice.

The potato was much more common, and although the vodka did not taste as well, much easier to distill from than other grains. As vodka made the switch from a family made liquor to one that was produced on a grand scale by large distilleries, the potato was discarded and grain was embraced.

Vodka is distilled at very high proofs and then filtered through vegetable charcoal. The higher the proof, the less the flavor and clearer the color.

did not become popular in the United States until the 1930’s when the Smirnoff Company opened for business. They introduced gold vodka; vodka that is aged for ten years in oak casks before it’s sold on the market

Apart from the alcoholic content, vodkas may be classified into two main groups: clear vodkas and flavored vodkas. From the latter ones, one can separate bitter tinctures, such as Russian Yubileynaya (anniversary vodka) and Pertsovka (pepper vodka).

Poles and Belarusians add the leaves of the local bison grass to produce Żubrówka (Polish) and Zubrovka (Belarusian) vodka, with slightly sweet flavor and light amber color


Add 2 shots apple vodka and 1 shot apple schnapps/apple juice to boston glass

Put ice in tin and shake well(till tin frosts)

Strain into martini glass and garnish


2 oz vodka(grey goose)

10 ml vermouth

Small piece of lemon

French martini

2 shots vodka

½ shot cassis

25ml pineapple juice


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