Cocktails, be they classics or modern day beauties, have called upon the usage of both egg white and egg yolk in their builds for countless years. The egg imparts numerous benifits to a cocktail, varying from simple altering of texture, addition of foam to the top of a drink, or to act as a binder for the numerous varied liquids frequently found inside your boston glass.


Their use inevitably provokes a snearing from the customer, upturned noses, and questions such as “don’t you know of the risks of salmonella?!”.

The reality is, as long as you are using fresh eggs, stored correctly,  and from a known source, you have no chance of anything untoward happening to you upon knocking the fine drink down your gullet. Today’s rediculously stringent H&S standards regards food produce mean you most certainly need not worry!

Of course you are handling raw food produce so logically a good wash and scrub of the hands afterwards does no-one any harm.

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