One for the Sir, One for the Ma’am

July 8, 2009

Two new house favorites to hit our bar of late.

London Pride (Verso Edit)

Firstly, a cocktail pulled straight from the pages of the classic Savoy cocktail guide. Admitadly we did a little bit of tweaking on our end to overcome the initial quite bland end taste however is essentially faithful to the original.

12.5ml Gin
12.5ml Amaretto
12.5ml Kwai Feh lychee liquor
12.5ml Single Cream

Shake all and double strain into a frozen martini glass. Garnish with a whole, sealed vanilla pod.

Notes. Surprisingly, given the cream, it in fact has a quite light consistency and an almost spicy taste to it throughout. Both inoffensive and also deeply complex through the length of the drink.

Only downside is it goes down ever so, ever so, quickly. Dangerous stuff.

El Jimador’s Night-Cap

37.5ml Silver Tequila
12.5ml Mozart Dark Chocolate
10ml Noilly Prat Sweet
3 Dash Peychauds

Notes. Like many tequila-based martinis, this is certainly not everyones tipple of choice. That said however for the adamant tequila lover this is most certainly a point of interest. The tequila leaves an unmistakable burn throughout, binding to the vermouth’s medicinal undertones to create a deeply layered and complex end to the drink. The dark chocolates bitter-sweet tartness sits lightly on in the mouth, without ever becoming too overpowering. A rewarding and satisfying drink to enjoy, preferably on a long night with only one thing in mind.


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