Four of the New, One of the Bad

July 5, 2009

How now,

It’s been a busy few days. A record breaker at work, spirit training left right and centre, and a roof in my house falling in.

Exciting times.

However i’v got four more beauties for you to peruse, and one distinctly bad idea for you to indulge in.

So to start it all,

Hands down my favourite tipple of the moment. A hand-crafted beauty courtesy of Mr Huw Sinclair.

The Dragonfly Martini

60ml Belvedere Pomaranze
10ml Mandarin Napoleon
2 Lemon Zest
2 Dash Orange Bitters

Coat ice in the Mandarin Napoleon, stirring to ensure total coverage. Drain remainder off. Then add vodka ensuring to stir slowly and spread liquor throughout. Add lemon zests after two minutes and continue to stir for a remaining minute.

* Dragonfly martini glass entirely optional but non-the-less very pretty 😀

Notes. Produces a beautifully smooth and textured martini. The subtle notes of citrus sweetness cling to the vodkas initial burn and don’t let go until the very end. Imparts a bitter undertone on the tongue courtesy of the bitters which transforms into a long-lasting citrus note. Not for everyone, but a must for the martini-fan.


The Devil’s Sangria

One of my own here. A bastard of a drink but kills it regards nights out on the hard stuff. Wouldn’t recommend many more than three a person though(!)

25ml Silver Tequila
12.5ml Ruby Port
12.5ml Dubonnet
5ml Lemon Juice
5ml Gomme
Dash of Cinnamon Gomme
3 Dash Peychauds

Shake hard and double strain into a frozen martini glass. Garnish with a scared look.

Notes. Kicks like a mule throughout. The tequila’s fiery taste binding to the port’s richness, cinnamon’s sweetness, and dubonnet’s herbal notes producing a fierce concoction distinctly lacking in subtlety. Despite that, the drink imparts an enjoyable complexity upon the tongue. Long lasting herbal notes lie on the tongue for the duration. Ending on a mild-liqourice zest thanks to the Peychauds.

Phish Phood

Very much not a summer-time refresher, far from it. But Phish Phoods charm, and namesake, lie with its simplistic and logical tie in with the Ben & Jerry ice cream itself. After-dinner, few past a Brandy Alexander can beat it.

50ml Mozart Amade (Choc Orange Liquor)
12.5ml Cherry Marnier
2 x 12.5ml Kahlua
50ml Half & Half (50% Milk, 50& Cream)
Dash Vanilla Essence

Shake all excluding one portion of Kahlua over ice. Drip one portion Kahlua into large brandy balloon filled with ice to sit on bottom. Single strain all rest over the ice to layer above. Dust top with chocolate powder and garnish with three coffee beans.

Notes. Smooth ice-cream flavours sit nicely alongside the clinging coffee and silky dark orange notes. Continues smooth throughout and ends on the vanilla’s slight hint of spice. The brandy balloons swiftness to gain condensation adds ot the decadent appearance of the drink.

Mozart’s Ghost

A alteration upon the original, named similarly. Courtesy of Mike Lloyd, Nottingham for the original.

Nearly identical build to the above Phish Phood.

50ml Mozart White
25ml Briottet Frais des Bois fruit liquor
12.5ml Chambord
50ml Half & Half (50% Milk, 50% Cream)
1 Handful of mixed summer berries.

Muddle berries in the base of the boston glass along with the Briottet to produce a thick paste. Add remaining ingrediants, excluding the chambord, and shake hard. Sit chambord in the base of a large brandy balloon filled with ice and layer the shaken ingredients upon the chambord. Garnish with three scewered blueberries, a single blackberry, and a mint sprig.

Notes. Smoothness from the hald & half carries through the duration of the taste. An almost tart-esque taste sits in the middle of the tongue thanks to the fruit. It ends on a sweet note with the Briottet’s clinging taste lasting for some time after.

And now for the bad.

A bad idea at least…

A few of you may have been (un)lucky enough to try this distinctly underated shooter. If not, I do believe it is most certainly time to give it a go.

Jamaican Hand Grenade

You will all have had a jaeger bomb right? Well try adding the debatable essence of tequila to that mix, and a splash of overproof rum.

Can ruin even the most hearty of drinkers. Believe me.

25ml Jaegermeister
25ml Golden Tequila
12.5ml Wray & Nephew
100ml Red Bull

Combine the jaeger and wray in one 50ml shot glass, put the tequila in the other. Add the red bull to a rocks glass (no ice). Proceed to balance the two shot glasses against each other on top of the rocks glass so they are both leaning inwards.

Instruct the customer to “pull the pin” on the drink by pulling the tequila shot off the rocks glass (therefore dropping the remaining glass into the red bull below) and knocking it back. Then proceed to down the jaeger, wray, and red bull combination in one.

The resulting facial expression gives you  clue to the drinks namesake!

Notes. Are you kidding? Not quite the kind of drink to enjoy its subtle notes. 🙂

There you go, enjoy y’all.

A post on rum to follow shortly me thinks?…


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