Gin Gin Gin. Pt 1

July 4, 2009

How do y’all.

Iv developed a delightful obsession with gin cocktails of late. As many a customer could inform you iv developed a reportoire of gin-based concoctions to ease even the most adamant of gin detesters into the bitter world of “mothers ruin”.

I could wax lyrical about the varied ups and downs of gins history, and no doubt bore you silly with it all. However thats not what im here for. Theres a plenty a mixologist out there who would delight in talking your ear off regards all that.

I’m going to throw three drinks at you for the time-being, the most popular of late by sales. Two variants, bits stolen from elsewhere, and one crafted on site.  Non-the-less they are all worthy companions to a long evening.

Elizabethan Royal Punch

37.5 ml Hendricks
12.5ml Chambord
Dash Creme Frais des Bois
12.5ml Lemon juice
10ml Gomme
Dash Vanilla essence (if non, substitute gomme for vanilla gomme. Being careful not to overpower tastes)

Shake hard and fine strain into frozen champagne flute, top with champagne*.

Garnish with skewered small summer fruits (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries etc.)

*Prosecco can be substituted for added dryness. Creating an Italian royal punch

Notes. The clinging sweetness of the chambord and vanilla are balanced by the tart combination of the lemon juice and champagne. The nose is distinctly of lemon with underlying vanilla. The colour being unsurprisingly of quite a berry-esque red.

Quite unescapably a sweet, rather feminine drink. However never-the-less contains many balanced flavours, perfect for the longer of evenings when alcohol content can be forgoed.

Perfect Pink Lady

50ml Gin (preferably of strong rather than subtle taste, Tanqueray etc.)
25ml Creme Peche
12.5ml Lemon juice
Dash Rose Liquor
One egg white

Shake and fine strain into a frozen martini glass. Garnish with a curled lemon zest.

A combination of both the pink lady and perfect lady variations upon the classic white lady (with a hint of inspiration from the aviation).

Notes. An elegent and well balanced smooth first taste, progressing towards a raw edge produced by the gin. Rose and parmaviolet notes are found at the end. A light violet colour brightens the original white lady’s lack of distinguishing appearance.

A drink with the ability to sneak up on even the most hardened of drinkers and send them floor-wards. I speak from experience!

Gin + Basil Smash (Chef’s variation)

50ml Gin
25ml Basil-infused sugar syrup (simple to create by infusion)
12.5ml Lemon Juice
10ml Gomme
6-8 Fresh Basil leaves.

Shake hard so to infuse a light-green basil colour into the mixture, fine strain into a frozen martini glass.

Can also be served (as per original specs) in a rocks glass over crushed ice. I prefer martini as the crushed ice’s rapid dilution can ruin the delicate flavour of the basil and lemon. If served over crushed ice, a dash of cranberry juice (as one would use in a Bourbon Smash) aids in the lenghtening of the drink.

Note. The basil imparts a feisty burn to the initial taste, however progresses (help from the basil gomme) smoothly into both the sweet and zesty end-notes.

A winner for converting the uninitiated into gins subtlety. Practically a massage of the palette.

I may be a creature of the night, but bed beckons. Part two follows shortly…

Night night y’all


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